Homes for Families at Bluebonnet Ranch

Homes for Families at Bluebonnet Ranch

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July 1, 2021

Partnering Together

On June 9, 2021, Bluebonnet Youth Ranch hosted their Kick-Off Luncheon for their 2021 Bluebonnet Youth Ranch Celebrity Golf Tournament. At the luncheon, they made an important announcement about a new partnership with STCH Ministries. STCH Ministries, formerly known as South Texas Children’s Home, is pleased to partner with Bluebonnet Youth Ranch in Yoakum, TX. STCH Ministries will be using the Bluebonnet Youth Ranch as a Homes for Families campus.

STCH Ministries Homes for Families is designed to be a resource for single mothers and their children who are facing a crisis and need help transitioning into independent living. This four-phase program provides a safe, comfortable setting for mothers and their children to begin a new chapter, while the staff helps to address their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. “We are excited to be partnering with Bluebonnet Youth Ranch and look forward to continuing the legacy they established so many years ago,” Eron Green, President and CEO of STCH Ministries, shared.

The campus will be known as Homes for Families at Bluebonnet Ranch. “By partnering, Bluebonnet Youth Ranch and STCH Ministries will be able to serve more children with a more efficient use of funds, staff and facilities. This partnership is exciting, it brings together beautiful facilities and an organization with the manpower to provide a service to our community that fulfills the missions of both organizations and the future is bright with the two organizations working together,” Claud Jacobs, Bluebonnet Youth Ranch Board Member, stated. STCH Ministries and Bluebonnet Youth Ranch are excited about this partnership as it will provide more space to help mothers and their children and share the love of God with more people.